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Monday, December 17, 2007

Ethiopian Mythologies: Christian Perspective-I-Geez Gift from Heavens

Ethiopian Mythologies:Christian Perspective

Geez Gift From God Gift from Heavens

There have been numerous arguments and counter arguments by Ethiopic software developers on the numbers of Ethiopic script and how these scripts can be accommodated by an IBM keyboard. Some software developers have ignored the historical importance of some of the scripts, specifically those which have the same sound but totally different functions. I personally believe that such neglect and irresponsibility originate from lack of appropriate knowledge of the origin the differences and the importance these difference. For those of you who wish to clarify some of the points made in the heated argument I presented in most of e-mail lists. I took the following note from "Meleket", a magazine published by the Ethiopian Orthodox church No. 6 April 1985 EC.

Why A gift from God ?

It is always true that the foundation of any language is Fidel (Alphabet, script). God gave Fidel to Henok, the third generation descendant of Adam. The standard number of Fidelat is 22 , corresponding to the 22 species that God created. There are four additional repetitive fidelat . The total number is then 26. Ethiopians believe that God created the 22 species in 24 hours, therefore he created a language which can be written using 22 fidelat. The children of Adam learnt writing using Fidelat during Henok, who is the seventh Generation after Adam. Several proof/plausible arguments can be presented to show that Geez is the first language given to Adam

The shapes of Fidel is entirely different from the commonly known languages. It is independent of the writing systems of other languages. Geez has no similarity to the pronunciation other languages.

Geez has 22 scripts and seven classifications unlike other commonly known languages
The 22nd creation of God, Adam has seven characteristics, 4 of the flush and 3 of the soul They are Size, speed, hot and cold, and life, spirit, and death
God gave Adam: knowledge, creativity, thoughtfulness, truth, power and fear of God

There were four languages in Babylon . Hebrew, Roman, and Aramaic and the people speaking these languages are the Ibor, Aramaic, Romans, and Arabs.
When such evidence is examined Geez does not have any particular origin. When the word Geez is analyzed one can find the following.

Igeezi-O- I-geez-i-a-bher. Agee-azi means God liberated us from severing and being ruled by the devil. In the word G-ee-Z : G stands for Gamel meaning Amazing. Ee stands for first/important/beginning. Z stands for forgiving God. The name of God is therefore GeeZ. The people who speak Geez are called Agazian.

Similar Sounding Fidelat: What are they ?

There are two A's: The first A stands for Alpha, the second A stands for Omega, which both indicated that for God there is no beginning and there is no end.

There are three Ha's: The first Ha stands for Hale Hoi, the second Ha stands for Hamer, the third Ha stands for Her. This shows the father the son and the holy ghost.

There are two Se's: The first Se stands for Samket. The second Se stands for San. They indicate the word of God and the Flush

There are two Tse's: The first Tse stands for Tsadik and second Tse stands for Tsehai (the sun) Their presence indicate that we Ethiopians believe in the old and new testament.

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